Supplemental Health Insurance

It’s ok, you can hold your breath now.

Thinking about the Canadian Healthcare System, we don't usually consider the long waits that we, as Canadians, deal with in the medical system for non-emergencies.

Diagnostic imaging can take up to a year or two.  An appointment with a specialist? Well, don't hold your breath; the appointment may take a year or two until you get in. And then there's surgery that can take even longer.  How long are you willing to wait?

HealthSure Insurance takes care of the wait by utilizing  the current private medical system in Canada*.  When the wait is over 90 days, HealthSure policyholders are removed from their provincial medical waitlist and sent to a private facility for immediate treatment.  No more waiting for an MRI,  or an appointment  with a Specialist,  or even surgery.  See policy for complete details.

*We make every effort to utilize Canadian  facilities whenever  possible.